African Beaded Butterfly Hair Clip Original 9 Prong Size | Pretty Peach and Grey Beads -

Product code: 10001
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Butterfly Hair's One Clip - the only hair clip you'll ever need!
  • Pretty peach and grey Hair Clip
  • Best Hair clips
  • Ideal for thick, thin and curly hair types, and all different lengths
  • Interlocking stainless steel combs hold hair securely
  • Comfortable for all day use
  • Different styles can be achieved quickly and easily
  • Fair trade and handmade in South Africa
  • One year guarantee
Review by: Sonia Ramsay
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2018


These clips are fantastic, I bought 2 at Fibre East , they are so easy to use and all my friends and work colleagues have admired them.

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