How to winter-proof your hair
I think we all know that feeling when you’ve spent an hour drying and straightening your hair to step outside the front door and be hit by humidity or even worse, rain!
There are a few products out there such as de-humidifiers that work for a couple of hours to tame the inevitable frizz. So unless you decide to hide away under a beanie hat for the next few months, it’s worthwhile getting your winter hair wardrobe sorted now.
We’ve had a look at some of the best ways to winter-proof your hair. Here’s our top 3:
1. Heat
It’s so tempting to run a long, hot shower at the end of a cold, miserable winter’s day. If you want your hair to stay strong and avoid frizz you’re going to need to have a tepid shower. The hot water strips away natural oils that hold the cuticles together. If you’re really brave then do your final rinse with cold water as this will help maintain strength and shine.
2. Moisturise
If our skin feels a little dry we slather on the moisturiser. But how often do we do this to our hair? Make sure you’re buying treatments with collagen, protein and amino acids – to protect your hair. A leave-in conditioner will also help your hair throughout the day.
3. Drying
We all know that drying our hair, straightening or curling isn’t great for its overall condition. But it’s necessary to get us out of the house on time! To get the best of both worlds blow dry your hair quickly. And consider using a Beada hair clip to avoid straightening for hours. Our GuGu clips are a great way of creating curls if you twist your hair up and use the clip, wait for your hair to dry and let the curls gently drop out of the clip.

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