How to accessorise your hair
Accessorising your hair is a fabulous way of livening up your hairstyle, but which are the right options for you? From bands to clips, pins to flowers, there are plenty of ways to accessorise almost any hairstyle – so let’s have a closer look at the best way for you to brighten up your bouffant.

Headband: While headbands can make you look like a four-year old, adding a messy bun can really make this style work.

Hairclips: A hairclip can be both practical and stylish, allowing you to tie your hair up quickly as well as giving you the option of combining it with a ponytail.

Bobby Pin: Rather than just using a single pin as a practical option, using a number of pins as a way to add layers and an eye-catching dimension to your hair.

Ribbons: While a stiff or wiry ribbon can look cheap, floppy silk ribbons are a fantastic accessory to use with your hair; be it as a headband or weaved into braids.

Jewellery: Earrings, pins and broaches can all add an extra sparkle to your hair. Placing them in and around the base of a bun or above one ear will add shorter layers.

Flowers: Looked great in the sixties and it looks great now. Get that ‘hippie’ look with a simply flower behind the ear or maybe even a daisy-chain across your head.

Tiaras: Just no.

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