Short hair is making a strong return to the red carpet!

Following the Golden Globes only a couple of weeks ago, we are now seeing many celebrity stylists opting to create a short crop for the night.
Celebrities included Sienna Miller, with a beautiful, effortless, side-swept, textured look and Emma Stone followed a similar style with tighter curls and a more naturally tousled bob.

Sienna Miller

Emma Stone

A short hair style can work wonders on the red carpet, but most of us need a versatile bob to be able to go about our day without being irritated by our hair flopping in our faces! That’s where the Butterfly Hair clip comes in – with so many versatile and colourful designs you can grip, even the shortest hair, back. Although we must say that the hairstyle Robin Wright took to the red carpet with, probably doesn’t need our help, just a bobby pin! 

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