42 hair clips and counting...
This month we’d like to introduce Jan. Who we think might have the largest collection of African Butterfly Hair Clips, ever! Working at Brentwood Hospital, Jan said: “I wear a Butterfly Hair clip every day, for work or leisure. I love them!”

We saw Jan on a tube in central London about 5 years ago when we were returning from a show in the West End, but didn’t manage to say Hello. It was only a few weeks later when we were exhibiting at Brentwood Christmas Show that we met Jan again, she confirmed that we had seen each other on the tube. It’s so exciting for us to be able to spend time with true fans of our brand and get to know them.

The first time we met Jan was at a Christmas show in Portsmouth. It must have been 2008 or 2009 when we started to realise Jan was collecting the clips – the most we had ever heard of was eight clips. Jan was going for gold!

We meet our super fan, Jan, at a variety of shows throughout the year – and it’s a real pleasure. We ran a competition for tickets to the Ideal Home Show, and Jan was the lucky winner! Adding to her already rather large collection of clips. It’s becoming a family favourite, as Jan tells us her daughter loves them and has a few of her own. Thank you to Jan for being such a wonderful customer, and thank you again for sending us all your lovely pictures!

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