Simple solutions to your summer hair problems
Summer might be a great time for getting that tan that you want, but it isn’t always good when it comes to getting the hair you want. The hot, humid weather can often leave your hair dry, damaged and susceptible to breaking, not to mention leaving some to go a little finger-in-plug-socket frizzy. Here are some simple solutions to ensure you avoid a summer of bad hair days.

Hydrating shampoos and conditioners: Because the sun dehydrates your hair, it’s important to replace this lost moisture through products. The simplest method of doing this is by using hydrating shampoos and conditioners packed with essential oils and plant extracts. And applying a deep hair conditioner while you’re sunbathing will protect your hair from the sun as well as allowing the treatment to penetrate the hair deeper. 

Correctly apply anti-frizz sprays and serums: A great way of stopping your wavy hair from going frizzy and protecting it from the sun is to apply a serum that is high in vitamin E to your damp hair. If you’re already styled and ready to go, spraying anti-humidity in the air and walking under the mist will protect from frizz and uncontrollable strands during humid evenings. 

Sunscreen isn’t just for your skin: The easiest way to protect your hair from the sun is simply by covering your head in a hat or a scarf. But if you’re looking to go head-dress free at the beach this summer, applying products with UV protection and containing vitamin E and sunflower oil to your hair will not only protect your hair but also help prevent it changing colour.

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