3 Tips to Tame Big Hair

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting fabulously warmer, so it’s probably time to start getting summer ready. But those gorgeous holiday outfits will lose a little pizzazz if your hair isn’t ready for the next few months. Avoiding big frizzy hair caused by the sun is crucial if you’re going to be able to find that sleek smooth style you really want this summer.

Increase your omega intake
To help your hair frizzing out of control, increasing your intake of omegas in your diet is one of the easiest ways to keep the roots moisturised. Whether it’s salmon, tuna, kemp oil or flaxseed, there are a host of effective ways of making sure you get enough omegas into your system.

Shingling is the method of applying products to your hair by smoothing them from the root to the tip in sections. After separating your freshly washed and conditioned hair into four parts, add a little extra virgin olive oil to the hair before going over it with your straighteners down the length of the section.

Avoid Touching
One of the simplest ways to ensure your hair behaves itself this summer is by trying to avoid touching. The more you touch, the more you’ll frizz. 

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