Back to School
The weather might not have been everything we thought it would this summer, but we hope you all had a lovely break and managed to enjoy some sunshine, if you could find it!
We’ve met a lot of Mums this year who have told us the struggle they have with their daughters’ hair, especially trying to create style that is practical and will last all day at school. When Nicky was younger, and before we founded Butterfly Hair, I used to put the prettiest bows, ribbons and clips into her hair, only to find they’d disappeared by the time I picked her up from school.
That’s one of the reasons we are extremely pleased to launch our new ‘Back to School Collections’, which range from Chameleons, LadyBugs to the beautiful 7 prong GuGu’s. All of these styles have been created to keep hair in place all day, whether your daughter is playing sport or sat in the classroom.
Another reason we love this new collection is how much time you save in the mornings. The school run is always a bit frantic, but being able to create a stunning hairstyle for your daughter in under three minutes is going to make them a little less hectic.
Click here to view our new Back to School Collections.

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